Publié : 3 novembre 2008
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Antoine M.

ME, Antoine M.

Don’t you think I look like my father ?

If were a meal. I’d be spaghettis.

My friends wish I could STOP singing nightwich.
And a CD I could listen to again and again and again is Nightwish’s.

A book I could read again and again and again is “Eragon”.

Sorry, but I can’t stop teasing my sisters.

The oscar of Best Film Ever goes to “le clan des rois”.

If had to choose a quality,... just one ?? It would be patience.

Some people say I am IMPOSSIBLE !
But that’s not true really...
Isn’t it ?

If you are really looking for me at the week-end, just go to my house

If I were a museum, I’d be Museum of Antiquity.

If I were a manga, I’d be Übel blatt.

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