Publié : 3 novembre 2008
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Clara A.

=) JUST M-E (=

Don’t you think I look like a witch ?
No, of course,nooooot !

If I were a meal, I’d be chocolate because it’s delicious and it melts in your mouth.

My friends wish I could STOP singing “now you’re gone” by Bassehunter.

The Oscar of Best Film Ever goes to “Vipère au poing”. (novel by H. Bazin)

Sorry, but I can’t stop being happy !!!!!

A book I could read again and again and again is “l’enfant interdit” by Margaret Peterson Haddix.

Some people say I am small but it’s because I’m younger than them, and that’s not true…I’m not smal !.... Am I ?

If you are really looking for me at the week-end,just go to the cinema.

If had to choose a quality,…just one ?? I am sooooooo generous with the others.

Oooooh…I forget : My name is ---->C-L-A-R-A<---- ! It’s not beautiful but it’s not long. So I like it, a little.