Publié : 3 novembre 2008
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Emma L.

My name is Emma. I know, my parents have no taste !

I’m 12 . I live in Vernon. What ? You don’t know this city ?

I’ve got a cat . I love him, he’s really cute and nice but I think he doesn’t like me…

I love chocolate , but I should stop eating it because I’m going to get fat !!!

Don’t you this I look like a top model ? No ? Really ? I’m kidding of course !

If I had to choose one quality, just one … it’s difficult , I have so many ! But I think it would be modesty ! I’m kidding again !

Some people say I am a real chatterbox, but that’s not true !!!!

My friends wish I stop singing, but I don’t understand because I’m a very good singer ! Am I ?

If I were a meal, I’d be a pizza, because my face looks like a pizza !

The Oscar of Best Film Ever goes to “The Holiday” and a book I could read again and again and again is… none because I don’t like reading… But I think I can’t live without television !

I won’t eat snails or frogs even if you pay me because it’s disgusting !