Publié : 3 novembre 2008
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Loan N. T.

My name’s Loan.

I like reading and going to the cinema.

The book I could read again and again and angain is “ Et si c’était vrai ” by Marc Levy. (If Only It Were True as a book and Just like Heaven as a film)

The Oscar of Best Film Ever goes to “The devil wears Prada”.

Some people say I am shy but that’s not true… Isn’t it ?

If I were a sweet, I’d be a chocolate.

If I were a hero of cartoons, I will be Spongebob. I know this is for children but I like him, he is good fun.

Sorry but I can’t STOP drawing. I like singing too but when I sing it’s raining only.

If you are really looking for me at the week-end, just go to shops.