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Publié : 3 novembre 2008
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Let’s go to ....

by Clara


Venice is in Italy.

It’s very beautiful. There are many gondolas on the « Grand Canal » but not a lot of cars because the roads are narrow and many people walk.

The Carnival of Venice is very impressing because the costumes are very funny and beautiful. Many people dress up and everyone looks at you strangely or amused depending on the style of your costume.

There are some beaches and many people go there because, in general, it’s sunny and hot. There are many jellyfish (medusas) 50m away from the beach ....

In Venice, there is the San Marco place with a lot of pigeons. It’s very nice but the excrements are the principal unattractive "attraction" of this place.

Venice is a lovely city and there are a lot of places and monuments to visit.