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Publié : 14 décembre 2008
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A quiz on Canada

by Fatoumata G.


1) Which animal is an official emblem of Canada ?
a) The beaver
b) The moose
c) the polar bear

2) How many provinces and territories are there in Canada ?
A) ten
B) Twelve
C) Thirteen

3) When did “O” Canada become the national anthem ?
a) In 1867
b) In 1967
c) 1980

4) Who composed the music of “O Canada” ?
A) William Lyon Mackenzie king
b) Calixa lavallée
c) Adolphe-Basile Routhier

5) How many designs did the 1964 parliamentary committee review before choosing the Maple leaf as Canada’s flag ?
A) 200
b) 2000
c) 20000

6) On what day was the maple leaf flag first raised on Parliament Hill ?
A) February 15, 1965
b) July 1, 1965-
c) July 1,1967

7) The maple leaf is a prominent Canadian symbol : on what coin does it appear ?
a) The penny
B) The nickel
C) The quarter

8) What are Canadians official colours ?
a) Blue and red
b) Gold and red
c) White and red

9) What is the origin of the name » Canada” ?
a) inuit
b) huron-ironquois
c) metis

10) Quebec is the most popular province of Canada
A) True
b) False

11) What is the deepest lake in Canada ?
A) Lake superior
b) Great slave lake
c) Lake Baikal
D) Lake Huron