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Published 14 December 2008
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Boxing Day around the world

By Fabien P.


Boxing Day is a public holiday in the United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand and Australia, as well as many other members of the Commonwealth of Nations and Greece.

It is usually celebrated on 26th December, the day after Christmas Day.

Boxing day is dating back to the Middle Ages.

A Christmas box is, in the English tradition, a box used in artisan shops. Visitors put donations of money into the box after Christmas.

Australia and New Zealand

Boxing day is a day when stores launch one of the year’s biggest sales.
Boxing day is not officially observed in south Australia : instead a public holiday called Proclamation Day is observed on what would have been the working day after Christmas.
Proclamation Day actually falls on the 28th of December when the holiday was traditionally observed, however it has been moved to the 26th in line with other states observing Boxing Day. However, it still referred to as Boxing Day.

In Australia, Boxing Day has become a significant sporting day. In Melbourne the Boxing Day Test Match is played at the Melbourne Cricket Ground.


In Canada, Boxing Day is observed as a holiday. Boxing Day begins at night, a little before midnight and after midnight on December 26th for retailers to open their doors.
Except in Quebec, retailers often open their stores earlier than usual, such as 6am or 7 am. Many retail companies internally refer to the sales week after Christmas as the “Thirteenth Month” or Boxing Week.

From a sporting perspective, Boxing Day in Canada has many implications. It is usually on Boxing Day that begins the World Junior Hockey Championship. This is a significant event for Canada and Hockey in Canada.

It is common to spend the day with family members or friends as a part of “second” Christmas Day.


Boxing Day is a day when stores launch one of the year’s Biggest sales periods.

Bowing Day in the UK is traditionally a day for sporting Activities. Football, Horse racing, Rugby are also played.

List of sporting event the 26th December :

*English, Welsh and Scottish football matches.

*Boxing Day Dip – In certain UK coastal towns (including Hartepool, Hasting) Football Matches are played in Northern Ireland.

*Boxing matches are normally played on the sports channels. Derby Magner League Rugby matches are played in Wales and Scotland.

*Horse Racing meetings take place across the country. The most famous regular Boxing Day meet is the King George VI Chase at Kempton Park in Surrey

*Hunts often takes place in England.