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Publié : 14 décembre 2008
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New Year all around the World

by Nicolas D.

New Year in the world

In China, people celebrate the New Year by marching in the street on the 26th january with costumes of dragons. It begins at the beginnings of spring, during fifteen days and ends the "Fête des Lanternes".

In Spain, people eat a grain of grapes at every stroke of midnight.

In England, an Englishman, to bring good luck to you, will have to cross the threshold of your home after midnight with a coin (symbol of wealth), some coal (for warmth) and some salt (for food).

In Russia, they drink some champagne at the twelve strokes of midnight and after the 12th stroke, they open their doors, or the windows, so that the New Year enters their home.

In Ecuador and in Peru, a little before the New Year, they fabricate models of rags or chewed paper who represent the year which has just passed. They display there models in front of their homes until the 31st, at midnight, when they burn then on streets.