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  • "Merry Christmas" around the world - Décembre 2008

    How do people say ‘’Merry Christmas ’’
    In French, they say ‘’Joyeux Noël’’
    In Spanish, they say ‘’ Feliz Navidad’’
    In Italian, they say ‘’ Buenos Natal’’
    In Chinese, they say ‘’ shèng dàn kuài lè’’
    In patois reunionais, they say’’ My souhaite à où un joyeux noël’’

  • What I hope for 2009 - Décembre 2008

    10 things for 2009
    For 2009, I hope :
    * I will be slim
    * My brace will be removed
    * Pollution will stop
    * There’ll be peace in the world
    * I’ll see Daft Punk in concert
    * I’ll have a new bike and continue to play to World of Warcraft
    * I’ll go to Canada again
    * The cars will fly
    * My grand-mother will sell her house

  • A Muslim holiday - Décembre 2008

    The Aïd-el Adha
    Date of Aïd : Aïd takes place on the 10th month Dhou-I-Hijja, 12th lunar month in the Muslim calendar, which is also the month of the pilgrimage to the Mecca.
    Principally, Aïd-el-Adha (or Aïd-al-Kebir”the big holiday”) is the memory of Abraham’s sacrifice (Ibrahim). God asked him to sacrifice his unique son, and he was ready to make it, to show his submission to God (“Muslim” means “subjected”).
    But God stopped him before and made him sacrifice a sheep instead. Hence the name (...)

  • A film for all the family - Décembre 2008

    When he was still in his egg, because of an impact, Nemo got one of his fin smaller than the other.
    His dad (Marin) is afraid that Nemo isn’t successful in swimming. He protects him all the time.
    One day, Nemo wants to show him that he can swim alone. He wants to touch a far away boat, when, suddenly, a diver captures him...
    His dad leaves home to go & search him.

    .... To be continued ...
    This movie is cool and for all the (...)

  • Songs for Christmas - Décembre 2008

    Christmas songs
    Here are some Christmas songs of different English-speaking countries :
    * the Christmas song
    * I’ll be home for Christmas
    * Santa clauss is coming to town
    * Silent night
    * It comes upon a midnight clear
    * We wish you a merry Christmas
    * Jingle bells
    The most famous Christmas songs are : we wish you a merry Christmas and jingle bells.
    The Christmas song I like best is we wish you a merry Christmas because it is very (...)

  • A song - but not for Xmas - Décembre 2008

    Bring me to life
    ‘Bring me to life’ is a song by Evanescence.
    The story speaks about a woman who is trying to commit suicide but a man saves her.
    The song is good and funny. ^^
    I like the song because it is not ordinary !

  • A quiz on Canada - Décembre 2008

    1) Which animal is an official emblem of Canada ?
    a) The beaver
    b) The moose
    c) the polar bear
    2) How many provinces and territories are there in Canada ?
    A) ten
    B) Twelve
    C) Thirteen
    3) When did “O” Canada become the national anthem ?
    a) In 1867
    b) In 1967
    c) 1980
    4) Who composed the music of “O Canada” ?
    A) William Lyon Mackenzie king
    b) Calixa lavallée
    c) Adolphe-Basile Routhier
    5) How many designs did the 1964 parliamentary committee review before choosing the Maple (...)

  • Xmas Clothes - Décembre 2008

    What to wear for Christmas ?
    Everyone celebrates Christmas on the 24th of December. There aren’t special clothes for this special day but the main colours are black, red, white and golden.
    This date is in winter but, the way you dress depends on what you do on this evening. If you are going to a party and if you are dancing, you must not get dressed too warmly.
    On the contrary, if you are just going outside, walking in the street, you have to wear warm clothes.
    If you have a dinner (...)

  • Boxing Day around the world - December 2008

    Boxing Day is a public holiday in the United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand and Australia, as well as many other members of the Commonwealth of Nations and Greece.
    It is usually celebrated on 26th December, the day after Christmas Day.
    Boxing day is dating back to the Middle Ages.
    A Christmas box is, in the English tradition, a box used in artisan shops. Visitors put donations of money into the box after Christmas.
    Australia and New Zealand
    Boxing day is a day when stores (...)

  • My Christmas holidays - Décembre 2008

    During my holidays,
    I am going to sleep, celebrate Christmas with my grandparents, sleep, celebrate the New Year with my uncle, my aunt and my cousins, and sleep again !
    I will go to Paris or Rouen to do some shopping.
    Unfortunately, I will also have to do my homework...

  • A book for the holidays ?! - Décembre 2008

    You haven’t got any idea for Christmas ?
    • So think about this •
    ♦ Children of the Lamp ♦
    It’s a fantastic book which speaks about two twins with magic powers……
    Philipa and John are twins and they live in New York.
    Since 12 years, they have had a normal life but, one day, their life will change ! They will travel around the world to help their family and friends. They will discover who they really are.
    Loads of adventures are waiting for them !!
    and for (...)

  • New Year all around the World - Décembre 2008

    New Year in the world
    In China, people celebrate the New Year by marching in the street on the 26th january with costumes of dragons. It begins at the beginnings of spring, during fifteen days and ends the "Fête des Lanternes".
    In Spain, people eat a grain of grapes at every stroke of midnight.
    In England, an Englishman, to bring good luck to you, will have to cross the threshold of your home after midnight with a coin (symbol of wealth), some coal (for warmth) and some salt (for (...)

  • What I want for Christmas - Décembre 2008

    For Christmas, I want the video game Mario Kart . It’s a game of racing cars with Mario and many other characters.
    I want some records : Coldplay , Pascale Picard , Jason mraz …
    I also want a book entitled “ Toutes ces choses qu’on ne s’est pas dites ” by Mark Levy. It’s the story of a girl who is getting married but her father can’t come. He just died. She’s going to discover, after his death, all the things he didn’t tell her.
    And above all, for the Christmas (...)

  • A place worth visiting in winter - Décembre 2008

    I think Sweden is a place worth visiting in winter.
    In fact, during the Christmas period, there is a lot of snow and it’s very beautiful. You can built caves in the snow and ice skating on the frozen lakes.
    All the houses are shining because they are decorated with pieces of tinsel.
    The Swedish Christmas food and drinks are delicious. For example, you can drink “ Julmust ”. It’s the typical Christmas beer. Actually, it’s not a real beer, it’s a type of soda.
    For Christmas, Swedish (...)